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Manufacturing Science & Engineering

Argonne National Laboratory’s Manufacturing Science and Engineering program advances innovative materials, technologies and processes to increase American manufacturing competitiveness. 

Argonne’s Manufacturing Science and Engineering program focuses on advancing manufacturing technology for rapidly changing needs, which require a unique blend of expertise and tools. Argonne’s breadth of manufacturing science, engineering, experimentation and process scale-up capabilities are complementary to the private sector.

Argonne can provide the R&D support to accelerate advanced materials scale-up and process optimization capabilities. The laboratory will more than double its scale-up and manufacturing space with the planned FY 2019 opening of the Materials Engineering Research Facility (MERF) expansion. This will provide a convening ground for partnerships between Argonne, industry, national laboratories, and academia on manufacturing science and engineering. 

Manufacturing Science & Engineering News

The Manufacturing Science and Engineering at Argonne newsletter brings you the latest news about advanced manufacturing research that you can collaborate on and technologies that you can license.



Manufacturing Science & Engineering General Inquiries

Technologies Available for Licensing: Industrial and Manufacturing Processes

Argonne’s scientists create next-generation catalysts, processes, coatings and technologies that advance industrial development and output without compromising energy use and the environment.

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With an unwavering focus on our mission, our researchers take an interdisciplinary approach to research, advancing their fields of study and generating new knowledge for the benefit of future generations.