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Materials Manufacturing Innovation Center

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Leading the future of materials manufacturing

Argonne works with industry partners to solve their enduring manufacturing R&D challenges, identify commercialization opportunities, license new technologies and introduce transformational discoveries to the marketplace.

Building on decades of excellence in energy and materials research and the success of Argonne’s Materials Engineering Research Facility, the Materials Manufacturing Innovation Center (MMIC) offers access to a unique and outstanding combination of crosscutting scientific expertise and facilities.

Collaboration drives innovation in Argonne’s Materials Manufacturing Innovation Center (MMIC).

We work with partners in government, industry, academia and other national laboratories to advance groundbreaking solutions to a diverse set of manufacturing research challenges. 

Argonne offers multiple avenues for working with outside manufacturing firms both small and large.

Licensing and contractual agreements vary based on the particular situation. We will work with you to meet specific needs, including addressing intellectual property concerns. 

Project scale and duration are flexible, ranging from single-day solutions to multi-year investigations.

We offer multiple avenues for collaborating with outside groups to accommodate both small and large firms. Licensing and contractual agreements vary based on the particular situation. 

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