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Physical Sciences and Engineering

Electrochemical Energy Storage

Electrochemical Energy Storage research and development programs span the battery technology field from basic materials research and diagnostics to prototyping and post-test analyses.
Electrochemical Energy Storage Efforts

We are a multidisciplinary team of world-renowned researchers developing advanced energy storage technologies to aid the growth of the U.S. battery manufacturing industry, support materials suppliers, and work with end-users to transition the U.S. automotive fleet towards electric vehicles while enabling greater use of renewable energy.

We have been an active research program for nearly 60 years supporting vehicle electrification through a program focused on creating a diverse research portfolio on advanced energy storage materials, systems, and modeling  for both mobile and stationary applications. Our efforts have lead to development of several technologies including Li-rich NMC materials, fluorinated electrolytes, flow batteries for grid storage, intermetallic anodes, as well as the techno-economic modeling software BatPaC.  Through the study of cost-effective and high-energy density advanced lithium-ion and beyond lithium-ion battery technologies (i.e. gradient NMC, Li-Air, Mg-ion, Na-ion, solid electrolytes), our science and engineering capabilities are developing next generation storage materials and systems that can dramatically increase energy and power densities.

Research Group

Advanced Electrolyte Research

The Advanced Electrolyte Research Group seeks to develop new organic materials for next-generation electrochemical energy storage, such as electrolyte solvents, lithium salts, SEI formation additives, redox-active organic electrodes and polymer materials.
Research Group

Electrochemical Science

The Electrochemical Science group studies the synthesis, structure, and transport properties of materials at the interface between electroactive materials and either a liquid or solid electrolyte.
Research Group

Engineering Research

Engineering Research is a multi-disciplinary group focused on demonstrating the feasibility of advanced electrochemical energy storage materials and systems in real world applications.
Research Group

Materials Research

The Materials Research group specializes in the synthesis and electrochemical characterization of advanced battery materials for a number of energy storage applications with a focus on transportation.
Research Group

Technology Development

The Battery Technology Development group focuses on developing advanced materials and battery systems for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle, electric vehicle, and consumer electronics applications.