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The Materials Research group specializes in the synthesis and electrochemical characterization of advanced battery materials for a number of energy storage applications.

These materials include lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion batteries and multivalent batteries. In addition, the group focuses on in operando structural studies of battery materials using synchrotron X-rays as we seek to optimize and stabilize materials for charge transfer, charge storage and cation intercalation.

Our current projects involve the study of high-voltage high-energy lithium-ion battery cathodes. In particular, we create and study the bulk and interface behavior of layered and spinel lithium transition metal oxides. We also look at the possibility of using silicon anodes for lithium-ion batteries.

Additionally, we research the nexus of photochemistry and battery materials and examine the potential of sodium-ion batteries. We perform synthesis and electrochemistry of a wide range of advanced battery materials.


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