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Argonne National Laboratory

Advanced Computing

The power to solve our most challenging questions

At Argonne, computation, modeling, and simulation form a key backbone of our research efforts. Our computational efforts inform and validate our experimental and theoretical work.

Argonne’s high-performance computers provide Argonne scientists and the wider research community with the ability to model and simulate complex, dynamic systems that would be too expensive or impractical for experimentation.

Argonne is home to a wide variety of computing systems, including some of the most powerful high-performance computers in the world. These systems provide computing power to advance fundamental discoveries and understanding in a broad range of disciplines, changing the way scientists explore the evolution of our universe, the inner working of biological systems, our climate and even the incorporation of renewable energy on the electric grid.

Feature Story

Silence is not always golden

The proverbial saying Silence is golden” suggests that saying nothing is laudable. But in high-performance computing, saying nothing can be disastrous.
January 03, 2018
Feature Story

Reaching the Department of Energy’s Top 40

In marking the 40th anniversary of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Department’s Office of Science highlighted four papers from Argonne National Laboratory that are among 40 cream-of-the-crop” research projects changing the face of science.
January 03, 2018