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  • Mathematics and Computer Science

    A leader in the computing sciences, the MCS Division provides the numerical tools and technology for solving some of our nation’s most critical scientific problems.
  • Experimental Operations and Facilities

    The Experimental Operations and Facilities Division provides engineering design and drafting services and manages complex, high-hazard facilities dedicated to nuclear research.
  • Decision and Infrastructure Sciences

    Argonne’s Decision and Infrastructure Sciences (DIS) division harnesses unique laboratory capabilities to inform decisions related to the most pressing national and global security challenges.
  • Chemical and Fuel Cycle Technologies

    The Chemical and Fuel Cycle Technologies Division, as world experts on the nuclear fuel cycle, develop and qualify fuels and innovative fuel processes and model complex nuclear materials and facilities.
  • Strategic Security Sciences

    The Strategic Security Sciences Division develops and implements practical approaches and technical solutions to address complex and enduring threats to national and global security.
    Image of Earth
  • Technology Commercialization and Partnerships

    Argonne’s rare resources and expertise in a wide range of scientific and technical fields make it an attractive collaborator for companies, federal agencies, and state and local governments.
  • Applied Materials

    The Applied Materials Division accelerates the development of new materials and processes using scalable synthesis, advanced characterization, and device fabrication and testing to drive innovation from invention to commercialization.
  • Computational Science

    The Computational Science (CPS) Division focuses on solving the most challenging scientific problems through advanced modeling and simulation on the most capable computers.
    Ramachandran plot of alanine dipeptide.
  • Data Science and Learning

    The Data Science and Learning Division (DSL) tackles advanced scientific problems where data analysis and artificial intelligence can provide critical insights and accelerate discovery.