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Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne Research Library

Supporting the scientific and technical research needs

Argonne’s Research Library contains an extensive collection of print books, journals, and technical report literature. The library provides access to over 30,000 online journals and eBooks. Library services available to Argonne researchers include assistance with research, interlibrary loan, data management, and publication review and approval. Library services are available only to employees of Argonne National Laboratory, but the library’s holdings can be searched with our Library Search discovery system.

The Argonne Scientific Publications Catalog

The Argonne Scientific Publications catalog is an index of citations; Argonne does not host the full text of these publications.  Where possible, we provide a DOI or link to the document. Full text availability may also be available via OSTI. Where possible, we also provide links to the publicly available data that supports the publication.

Tips for searching The Argonne Scientific Publications Catalog

Use the facets available to narrow your search. Authors names may appear more than once because the Catalog indexes both the names of the authors and the various forms of their names that they use on their publications. Note that the name in the form of Last Name, First Name” will contain all of that author’s publications, regardless of how it appears on the publication.

Search results cannot be narrowed by subject; however, you can narrow by the Argonne Division that produced the publication. Please refer to the chart below to interpret the three letter abbreviations of active divisions. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all historical divisions.

AET – Advanced Energy Technologies
  • AMD – Applied Materials
  • ESIA – Energy Systems and Infrastructure Analysis
  • TAPS – Transportation and Power Systems
CELS – Computing, Environment and Life Sciences
  • BIO – Biosciences
  • CPS – Computational Science
  • DSL – Data Science and Learning
  • EVS – Environmental Science
  • MCS – Mathematics and
    Computer Science
NTNS – Nuclear Technologies and National Security
  • CFCT – Chemical and Fuel Cycle Technologies
  • DIS – Decision and Infrastructure Sciences
  • EOF –  Experimental Operations and Facilities
  • NSE –  Nuclear Science and Engineering
  • S3 –  Strategic Security Sciences Division
    PSC – Photon Sciences
    • ASD – Accelerator Systems
    • AES – APS Engineering Support
    • XSD – X-ray Science
    PSE – Physical Sciences and Engineering
    • CSE – Chemical Sciences and Engineering
    • HEP – High Energy Physics
    • MSD – Materials Science
    • NST – Nanoscience and Technology
    • PHY – Physics
    Licensed Materials

    Due to licensing restrictions, the library’s online journals and subscription services are not available via The Argonne Scientific Publications catalog. Argonne employees should visit the Argonne Research Library’s internal web site to gain access.