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APS Engineering Support

The APS Engineering Support Division provides reliable operations and technical support to the Advanced Photon Source user community. AES works to ensure that the Advanced Photon Source maintains its status as a preeminent scientific user facility.

The APS Engineering Support Division provides:

  • Highly reliable, state-of-the-art computer infrastructure to meet the needs of the APS.
  • Leading-edge information technology infrastructure through support of the networks, servers, storage and desktop computers.
  • Information solutions for the APS including development of database applications, tools for the management of facility documents, and web production efforts.
  • An accelerator controls system that maintains the high reliability of the APS accelerator facilities and plays a leading role in the advancement of accelerator control system technology.
  • Mechanical and operations support services for the accelerator facilities that help the APS achieve its goals for high reliability, high availability, and long mean time between failures.
  • Engineering design and drafting services in the support of highly reliable accelerator and x-ray experiment facilities and providing innovative designs to enhance the capabilities of both.
  • Precision survey and alignment services essential for the positioning and alignment of the accelerator and beamline components.
  • Responsibility for work on all radiation shielding safety systems at the APS.