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Argonne researchers leverage multidisciplinary teams, world-class facilities, powerful scientific tools, artificial intelligence and strategic partnerships to confront some of the most profound challenges for water-related science and technology.

Water is one of our most valuable resources, impacting people, infrastructure and industries around the globe. As warming temperatures, changes in precipitation and runoff, extreme weather, and rise in sea level continue to create new challenges, there is an urgent need for scientific and engineering solutions. We at Argonne National Laboratory are increasing our leadership in this space through pioneering research, discoveries and innovations in the following areas to secure America’s water resources and deliver economic growth:

  • Materials discovery, synthesis, characterization and scale-up
  • New process technologies for systems that sense, treat and handle water
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence, data science, modeling, and simulation related to materials and new process technologies

Water Research Focus Areas

Argonne addresses modern water challenges with a broad portfolio of pioneering discovery science and development of advanced engineering solutions.


Argonne leverages deep and broad multi-disciplinary teams to solve the most complex water challenges.


Learn more about Argonne’s research and development related to water.