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May Wu

Principal Environmental Systems Analyst


Dr. May Wu is a principal environmental system analyst at Argonne National Laboratory, a member of the Water Initiative at Argonne, and the Principal Investigator of a multi-year water analysis project supported by the U.S. Department of Energy. Her research focuses on water use, water quality and water resource availability as related to the development of conventional and renewable energy (conventional fuel, electricity, and emerging fuels).  Dr. Wu is the principal author of a spatial-explicit online model, WATER (Water Analysis Tool for Energy Resources), which develops the water footprint of biofuels in the United States with geospatial resolution, to help support decision making.

Dr. Wu also heads a project developing watershed models for the Mississippi River basin and its tributaries. The work examines the impact of integrated landscape design, best management practices, and climate change on water quality at varying scales. Dr. Wu is a member of Modeling Working Group in Hypoxia Task Force, a member of GBEP AG6 Bioenergy and Water Working Group, served as an expert advisor to the Water Working Group of the Council on Sustainable Biomass Production, and currently chairs Future Risk Technical Committee at AWRA.

She has a diverse background that encompasses engineering and microbiology in the areas of biofouling control in cooling system, wastewater treatment, online monitoring, microbial-induced corrosion, fermentation, and membrane separation. She has a combined 17 years of experiences in process engineering R&D and 12 years of environmental sustainability analysis.

Dr. Wu holds several U.S. patents, 50+ publications, and a dual Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Toxicology from Michigan State University.