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Seth B. Darling

Argonne Center for Molecular Engineering Director, Senior Scientist

Interdisciplinary science and engineering of materials-for-water


During his nearly 20-year career at Argonne, Seth has made a notable impact as a scientist within the Nanoscience and Technology Division (NST) and at the Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM). He has received numerous awards for his work and has led several strategic efforts.

Seth’s research at Argonne has included blending chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering, and nanoscience to create and study materials for energy and water. With colleagues at Argonne, Seth invented a new materials synthesis technique called sequential infiltration synthesis, which has found applications in areas ranging from nanolithography to optical coatings to advanced sorbents and membranes.

Seth is Director of the Center for Molecular Engineering and the Advanced Materials for Energy-Water Systems EFRC as well as serving as a member of Argonne’s Chief Research Officer (CRO) Council. He led the team that received the Project Excellence Award from Argonne’s Energy & Global Sciences Directorate for its work on the Oleo Sponge, which has garnered extensive media and industry attention.