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artificial intelligence

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  • AI for Science Report

    Argonne, Oak Ridge, and Berkeley national laboratories hosted four AI for Science town halls attended by more than a thousand scientists and engineers. Following the town halls, an AI for Science Report was compiled.
  • CitySim

    Simulations and edge computing could help to tame some of the complexities of cities and make them more livable places for all, says Charles Catlett, director of the Urban Center for Computation and Data at the University of Chicago.
  • Imaging

    AI technologies applied by Argonne National Laboratory are enabling cutting-edge imaging modalities that will help solve some of the most pressing scientific challenges of our era.
  • Control and Instrumentation

    Argonne is developing and applying AI technologies to enable the end-to-end control of large scientific instrumentation and facilities that will help address some of the most important scientific challenges facing the nation.
  • Computer Science and Software

    Breakthroughs in AI use machine learning to address computer science challenges and spur development of AI-enabled software and computing environments.
  • Engineering / Manufacturing and Smart Energy

    Advances in technologies such as sensors, networks, and control systems — along with the rise of data analytics and AI — allow increasingly holistic approaches to manufacturing and grid engineering.