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Jie Xu

Scientist, Nanoscience

Polybot, Autonomous material discovery, electronic polymer, sustainable/degradable/recyclable polymer, polymer processing and characterizations


We are hiring postdocs and students! Please email me at xuj@​anl.​gov for details.

Jie Xu is a scientist at Argonne National Lab, and a CASE Affiliated Scientist at the University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering.

Her research focuses on developing a new class of polymer-based electronic materials that are flexible, stretchable, durable, degradable, and easy-to-manufacture for our future electronics and energy applications. She also develops a self-driving platform that combines artificial intelligence and modular robotics systems to accelerate the discovery of electronic functional materials (https://​www​.anl​.gov/​c​n​m​/​p​o​lybot). She received her PhD degree in chemistry from Nanjing University, with her research focusing on understanding molecular packing structures and dynamic behavior in nanoconfined soft matter. Subsequent postdoctoral training at Stanford University applied her background in polymer physics to the emerging field of skin-like electronics, with the development of a new class of polymer-based stretchable electronic material and the realization of integrated, intrinsically stretchable transistors and circuits. She received the Materials Research Society Postdoctoral Award and is named to the MIT Technology Review’s list of Innovators Under 35, Newsweek list of America’s Greatest Disruptors as a budding disruptor, and  2023 Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering Early Investigator Honoree by the American Chemical Society

Professional Experience 

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University 
  • Ph.D. Nanjing University

Research Interests

Honors and Service



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    • **Featured by MRS Bulletin: Simple manufacturing process boosts stretchable semiconductor performance”.
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2015 ~ 2011

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Patents and Softwares

  • Xu J., Wu Y., Liu W., DEGRADABLE LUMINESCENT POLYMERS”, U.S. Patent Application No. 18/234,311. Filed: August 15, 2023
  • Xu J., Chan H., Wang C., Darancet P T., Polybot: An AI-Integrated Robotic Software Environment”, ANL-SF-21-142, 2021
  • Chung J., Lee S.,Bao Z., Xu J., Organic semiconductor thin film and method of manufacturing the same and thin film transistor and electronic device”, publication number US 10741766, published August 2020
  • YUN Youngjun, Bao Z., Xu J., Organic semiconductor thin film, and thin film transistor and electronic device including the same.”, publication number US 16669957, published April 2020
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  • Xue G., Li X., Wang X., Zhou D., Xu J.,Teng C., Li L., Preparation method of bioactive molecule and macromolecule composite material”, publication number CN 105385057, published March 2016


Symposium organizer:

  • Fall 2022 ACS National Meeting PMSE symposium- Functional Conjugated Polymers: From Fundamental Synthetic and Physical Chemistry to Emerging Applications”
  • Spring 2022 ACS National Meeting PMSE019 - ACS Award in the Chemistry of Materials
  • Spring 2020 ACS National Meeting, Polymer Innovation for Advanced Organic Electronics and Bioelectronic Medicine”
  • Fall 2020 ACS National Meeting, Functional Conjugated Polymers: from Fundamental Synthetic and Physical Chemistry to Emerging Applications”;
  • 2020 APS/CNM Users Meeting, Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Synthesis and Processing”


Invited talks

  • Autonomous Platform (Polybot) for Electronic Polymers Discovery”, Spring MRS, 2023
  • Autonomous Platform (Polybot) for Polymer Thin-film Processing”, Adhesion Society Annual Meeting, 2023
  • Engineering Conjugated Polymer using Autonomous Platform for Future Electronics”, Pacific Polymer Conference (PPC17), 2022
  • Autonomous Platform (Polybot) for Electronic Polymers Discovery”, Next Generation Solar Energy (NGSE VII), 2022
  • Autonomous Platform (Polybot) for Electronic Polymers Discovery”, Accelerate Conference, 2022
  • Controlled conjugated polymer assembly by autonomous solution-processing platform”, Spring MRS, 2022
  • Autonomous robotic platform (PolyBot) for conjugated polymer processing”, March APS, 2022
  • Autonomous robotic platform (PolyBot) for electronic polymer discovery”, Materials Research Data Alliance (MaRDA), 2022
  • Stretchable Polymer Semiconductors for Skin-like Electronics”, Annual EmTech MIT event, USA, 2021
  • Polymer engineering at nanoscale for skin-like electronics”, 3rd Annual Joint Meeting of the IEEE Magnetics Society and the IEEE Nanotechnology Council, Chicago Chapters, 2021
  • Autonomous discovery” Argonne all-hands meeting, Lemont, IL, USA, 2021
  • Autonomous Electronic Material Discovery Laboratory at the Center for Nanoscale Materials” Materials For Printed Hybrid Electronics Webinar, USA, 2021


Editorial roles:


Group members:

Postdoctoral associates:

  • Tianwei Dai (2024)
  • Allen Roman (2023)
  • Qiaomu Yang (2022)
  • Aikaterini Vriza (2022)

Doctoral student:

  • Yukun Wu (Purdue University, co-supervised with Prof. Jianguo Mei)
  • Cesar Castro Rubio (University of Chicago, co-supervised with Prof. Juan de Pablo)
  • Jing-Yuan Fan (University of Chicago)
  • Jianing Zhou (Purdue University, co-supervised with Prof. Jianguo Mei)

Visiting student:

  • Dylan Michael Gilley (Purdue University, DOE SCGSR)
  • Karen Li (University of Washington, DOE SCGSR)
  • Yunfei Wang (University of Southern Mississippi)


  • Fredrick Kim (Applied Materials, Google Scholar, 2022)
  • Audithya Nyayachavadi (University of Windsor, visiting student, 2022)
  • Kwanghoon Jeong (University of Chicago, graduate student,2022)
  • Brian Archambault (Arizona State University, visiting student, 2022)
  • Chengshi Wang (Google Scholar, 2021)
  • Yeonju Kim (Samsung Electronics, 2021)
  • Hyocheol Jung (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, 2021)
  • Louis Wong (Northwestern University, visiting student, 2021)
  • Sophia Schiffer (Northwestern University, visiting student, 2021)
  • Evan Costa (Paradox, visiting student, 2020)
  • Sam Woerdeman (PwC, visiting student, 2020)



Argonne Open House (Polybot, AI-guided robotic lab for discovery)








Argonne Summer School (Molecular Gastronomy: polymer science)