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Bi-weekly Argonne Water Working Group Meetings

Meetings, open to Argonne staff, are held virtually via BlueJeans every other Wednesday from noon to 1 p.m. CDT.

The goal of the Water Working Group meeting series is to provide a forum for Argonne water researchers to discuss selected water topics in depth and foster future water research projects and collaborations.

Upcoming Seminars

Third Coast Water Seminars: Tuning Ionic Transport with Nanopores and Ionic Circuits
April 28, 2021

Dr. Zuzanna S. Siwy from the University of California, Irvine will deliver this seminar. Dr. Siwy’s scientific interests have been focused on fabricating synthetic single nanopores with applications in biophysics and nanotechnology. She will show attendees how nanopores can be used as devices for controlling the flow of ions and charged molecules in a solution.

Webinar Videos from Past Events

Third Coast Water Seminars: The Profits of Distrust: Confidence in American Institutions and the Rise of Bottled Water
March 31, 2021

Dr. Manny Teodoro from the University of Wisconsin-Madison will explore the linkage between the rise in bottled water and plummeting trust in American government.

Water Around the World - Local Problems, Global Solutions: Intelligent Carbon Management and Energy Use
February 25, 2021 

This is the first seminar in a new event series that is highlighting water-related problems across the US, and the innovative solutions that may be available elsewhere around the world.

Third Coast Seminars: Chemical Free Water Treatment
February 24, 2021 

Dr. Paul Westerhoff, a Regents Professor in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment at Arizona State University, delivered a seminar titled, Chemical Free Water Treatment: Disinfection, Softening and Oxidation using Light-Enabled Optical Fibers.”

Third Coast Water Seminars: Three Paths to Solving Six Water Problems
January 27, 2021

This seminar was delivered by Dr. David Sedlak, Plato Malozemoff Professor, Co-Director of Berkeley Water Center, and Deputy Director of NSF Engineering Research Center for Reinventing the Nation’s Urban Water Infrastructure at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Sedlak discussed global water challenges. What are the big problems? Why are they so resistant to proposed solutions so far?

Third Coast Water Seminar: Desalination for a Circular Water Economy
December 2, 2020

This seminar was delivered by Dr. Meagan Mauter of Stanford University. This presentation highlighted new tools for assessing innovation needs in water desalination and discussed application of these tools within research and development portfolio design.

Third Coast Water Seminar: Next Generation Desalination Membranes: Where Are We Now?
October 29, 2020

This seminar was delivered by Dr. Menachem Elimelech of Yale University. Dr. Elimelech discussed the state-of-the art existing membrane technologies for water purification and desalination, highlighted their inherent limitations, and established the critical needs for next-generation membranes.

Frontiers in Materials Manufacturing: Materials for Water
October 2, 2020

Argonne’s webinar series Frontiers in Materials Manufacturing provides a unique forum to focus on key material challenges and the various ways in which cutting-edge technology will drive materials manufacturing advances. This first webinar, Materials for Water, features a variety of experts speaking on how manufacturing innovations can figure significantly in solving the global water crisis and how pioneering technologies can deliver next-generation purification materials.

Third Coast Water Seminar Series: Waterborne Disease
September 30, 2020

Argonne partnered with Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois at Chicago, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Current to launch the first webinar in the Third Coast Water Seminar Series. The aim is to share the latest in water research and technology and spur collaboration in solving pressing water challenges. This inaugural seminar features a webinar by renowned scientist Dr. Rita Colwell of the University of Maryland, who spoke on waterborne disease. 

Water + AI Webinar 
September 29, 2020 

As part of Chicago Water Week (September 28-October 2), this webinar features five presentations by Argonne researchers exploring different aspects of how artificial intelligence can be applied to solve challenges in the water space.