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Science and Technology Partnerships and Outreach

Energy Storage

Leading the charge in energy storage

Argonne is a global leader in advanced energy storage technologies with a portfolio of more than 125 patented advanced cathode, anode, electrolyte and additive components for lithium-ion, llithium-air, lithium-sulfur, sodium-ion, and flow batteries.

Employing some of the most respected and cited battery researchers in the world, Argonne is the U.S. Department of Energy’s lead laboratory for electrochemical energy storage research and development, combined with materials synthesis and characterization capabilities.

Argonne works with existing and start-up businesses to license our patented battery technologies and to develop, analyze, test, and license new and emerging energy storage technologies.

Argonne Collaborative Center for Energy Storage Science

The Argonne Collaborative Center for Energy Storage Science (ACCESS) is a powerful collaborative of scientists and engineers from across Argonne that solves energy storage problems through multidisciplinary research.

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