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Science and Technology Partnerships and Outreach

Federal Agencies

Mission-critical technical support

Argonne regularly collaborates with federal agencies to help them better achieve their missions

Whether it involves national security, infrastructure resiliency, or any number of areas in between, Argonne provides scientific and technical support to federal agencies that helps them better fulfill their missions.

Argonne has ongoing relationships and established processes with most federal agencies, and offers:

  • Cross-cutting teams of scientists and engineers from diverse disciplines to meet your needs
  • World-class expertise, technologies and research facilities
  • A proven track record of being flexible, adaptable and delivering superior results, often under extremely tight deadlines
  • Coordinated access to the U.S. Department of Energy and its 16 other national laboratories (we know who excels at what)
  • High-level support in a classified environment for the Intelligence, Law Enforcement and Special Operations communities

The primary mecham by which Argonne and federal agencies collaborate is an Strategic Partnership Project (SPP). An SPP is a contract that enables an agency to pay the laboratory to perform a defined scope of work with tasks that draw upon the unique facilities, equipment and personnel of the laboratory.

With certain Department of Energy approvals, the sponsor may obtain ownership of both inventions and data generated under an SPP.