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Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne Resources for Vendors

In all its activities, Argonne National Laboratory gives the highest priority to environment, safety and health. Argonne’s environmental, safety, and health program strives for excellence in providing a workplace and operations that minimize risk to the general public, to workers and to the environment. The laboratory’s Standard Terms and Conditions related to work conducted at the Argonne site govern all worker activities at the laboratory and represent the minimum implementation requirements appropriate for attaining the laboratory’s safety goals. If you are interested in performing subcontract work for Argonne, we strongly recommend your becoming familiar with these requirements.

Procurement Terms and Conditions

Argonne’s Standard Terms and Conditions are available online for viewing and downloading.

Facilities Design Guide

Argonne’s Facilities Management and Services Division has primary responsibility for developing and maintaining the site, buildings, and physical plant of the laboratory. The Facilities Design Guide provides the requirements for facilities-related codes, designs, and items specific to Argonne. If a vendor is going to be doing work on the Argonne campus, it is imperative that the vendor abide by these guidelines.