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  • Computational Materials

    Computational materials research focuses on the development and use of computational methods to understand and predict the behavior of solids, liquids and nanostructures from first principles.
  • Quantum Information Science

    The research carried out in the Quantum Information Science Group focuses on the development of quantum-relevant material systems for the fundamental study of quantum science and applications in new scalable technologies.
  • Cybersecurity

    Experts in pioneering the prevention of cyberattacks through advancements in research and technologies
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  • Nonproliferation

    Leveraging both CBRN and nonproliferation policy expertise to reach nonproliferation goals.
  • Strategic Operations

    Supporting strategic operations decision makers in transportation and supply chain logistics and security.
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  • Intensity Frontier

    Researchers at the Intensity Frontier investigate some of the rarest processes in nature, including unusual interactions of fundamental particles and subtle effects that require large data sets to observe and measure.
  • Plant Analysis & Control and NDE Sensors

    Systems/Process Monitoring, Diagnostics and Control; Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) Technologies; Sensors & Instrumentation Technologies; and other Engineering Assessments