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  • Intensity Frontier

    Researchers at the Intensity Frontier investigate some of the rarest processes in nature, including unusual interactions of fundamental particles and subtle effects that require large data sets to observe and measure.
  • Plant Analysis & Control and NDE Sensors

    Systems/Process Monitoring, Diagnostics and Control; Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) Technologies; Sensors & Instrumentation Technologies; and other Engineering Assessments
  • Fuel Development & Qualification

    Nuclear fuel and material design, development and optimization emphasizing metallic-alloys-based fuels for both advanced and research reactors.
  • Process Simulation and Safeguards

    Application of integrated chemical engineering and separations chemistry to develop, model, design, and demonstrate processes and equipment for the treatment of used nuclear fuel and radioactive waste while advancing nuclear nonproliferation.
  • Nuclear Systems Analysis

    World-class reactor physics, novel and innovative solutions for advanced reactor development, and state-of-the-art modeling and simulation.
  • Radiochemistry

    Experimental and theoretical work focused on the development of novel separation methods applicable to the recovery of radioisotopes from targets, and to advanced nuclear fuel cycles.
  • Magnetic Films

    The Magnetic Films Group creates, explores and produces new insights into novel fundamental physics and novel materials related to magnetic phenomena.
    Magnetic Films