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Advanced Energy Technologies

Advanced Grid Modeling

With the electric power grid becoming more complex and dynamic, the development of advanced tools and technology for decision makers is vital for a more reliable and efficient power grid.

The electric power industry has undergone extensive changes over the past several decades and has become substantially more complicated, dynamic, and uncertain. The adoption of new market rules, business models, regulatory policies, and technologies along with new energy components being integrated into the systems are just a few examples of the complexity with the industry. In addition to traditional requirements on operational stability and security, resilience, and cyber-security have become core concerns of system operators. These changes have created significant challenges to the operations and planning of electricity grid and demand more advanced analytical tools to make better decisions faster in a dynamic, complex, uncertain environment.

The Advanced Grid Modeling Program (AGM) under Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity (OE) supports the nation’s foundational capacity to analyze the electric power system using big data, advanced mathematical theory, and high-performance computing to assess the current state of the grid and understand future needs. Under the leadership and support of AGM program, significant breakthroughs have been made in mathematical modeling, computing and simulation methods, and operation/planning tools.

Argonne’s expertise in grid resilience, advanced power system optimization and computing, and artificial intelligence helps support OE’s objectives in tackling power grid issues.

AGM Projects: