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Jeffrey S. Spangenberger

Group Leader, Materials Recycling


Jeff Spangenberger is the Materials Recycling Group Leader in the Applied Materials Division. His group works to solve material separation, recovery, and recycling challenges resulting in cost effective and environmentally sustainable processes resulting in commercialized plants.

Spangenberger and his team have demonstrated the recovery of plastics, metals and materials from numerous waste streams such as auto shredder residue, electronic waste, and furniture at scales ranging from bench to commercial.  He has received four patents related to this effort. 

In recent years, his research has expanded into lithium ion battery recycling and is leading Argonne’s advanced battery recycling program to evaluate and advance the cost effective and sustainable recycling of end-of-life batteries.

Spangenberger also leads the ReCell Center, a national collaboration — located at Argonne — of industry, academia and national laboratories working together to advance recycling technologies along the entire battery life-cycle for current and future battery chemistries.