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Computer Science and Software

Breakthroughs in AI use machine learning to address computer science challenges and spur development of AI-enabled software and computing environments.

AI methods were originally developed to solve one of the grand challenges in computer science: design of computer systems that could behave like humans. The most recent breakthroughs in AI use machine learning to address specific problems in computer vision, natural language processing, and robotics. AI has the potential to transform many fields of computer science, from low-level hardware design to high-level programming and from the most fundamental algorithmic challenges to day-to-day operation of user facilities.

Argonne has deep expertise in simulation, modeling, and large-scale data analysis and also operates large user facilities for experimental and observational science, including light sources and genomics facilities that have growing computing and data-analysis requirements. Argonne is developing AI-driven software and computing environments that enable seamless integration of AI capabilities with large-scale HPC models and the growing data-analysis requirements of experimental facilities.