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This series of reports assesses the rapidly emerging opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence (AI) for science, energy and security, and provides a roadmap to harness AI in scientific discovery. The effort has involved thousands of scientists, engineers and staff from U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national labs, academia, and technology companies.

AI Reports

AI for Energy Report 2024

This report provides an ambitious framework for accelerating clean energy deployment while minimizing risks and costs in the face of climate change. Published in April 2024.

AI for Science, Energy, and Security Report 2023

Leading scientists identify a comprehensive vision for the DOE to expand its work in scientific use of AI by building on its existing strengths in high performance computing systems and data infrastructure. Published in June 2023.

AI for Science Report 2020

The progress and potential for AI in DOE science is captured in this initial report issued after a series of four town halls. Published in February 2020.