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Computing, Environment and Life Sciences

Advanced Protein Characterization Facility

The Advanced Protein Characterization Facility (APCF) utilizes high-throughput automated methods for bioinformatics, proteomics, molecular and structural biology.

Proteins are the molecular machines of all cells, and as with any machine, it is impossible to understand how a protein works without knowing what it looks like — that is, imaging its three-dimensional structure. The Advanced Protein Characterization Facility (APCF) will help us to see” proteins more quickly and with higher proficiency than before. The increase in space emboldens plans to pursue additional programmatic support and new equipment. The APCF also supports Argonne’s ongoing experimental and computational systems work in biology, funded by both the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health.

Feature Story

Putting bacteria to work

The idea of bacteria as diverse, complex perceptive entities that can hunt prey in packs, remember past experiences and interact with the moods and perceptions of their human hosts sounds like the plot of some low-budget science fiction movie.
July 19, 2018