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Target Library and Archives

CATS maintains a pool of targets available to the community

CATS is maintaining a targets collection that has been recovered from several institutions in addition to the accumulated targets prepared for ATLAS over several decades. These targets are being made available to the community for their use.  The lists of targets can been found in the linked collections.

Targets may be requested now through the CATS Target Library 

So as to prevent individual monopolizing of library requests, we are proposing a set of modest rules to be followed:

1. Individual target requests will be limited to one specified target and up to two targets shipped (if possible – for a spare).

2. Priority will be assigned only to domestic requests and of those, DOE-NP investigators will be addressed first.

3. Wherever possible a user-supplied FedEx account will be used for shipping.

4. When necessary, if a vacuum target transport container is needed (such as those marketed by MicroFoils, Inc.) – It should be supplied in advance by the requestor.

The collections are currently provided as PDF files based on the location they were acquired. We intend to create an embedded searchable list in the future for easier use. For now, please use the find function in the pdf(s) to search for your target of interest.