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Physics Division Seminar

Schedule for the 2023-2024 season

The Physics Division Seminars are on Mondays at 3:30 p.m. The talks will be held in a virtual or hybrid format (as specified), in-person in R-150 and/or via Zoom.


Date Title
18 September 2023 Ramona Vogt, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory & University of California, Davis
Status of Intrinsic Charm
Host: Ian Cloët
25 September 2023 No seminar
2 October 2023 Kelly Chipps, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
JENSA: Past, Present, and Future
Host: Jason Clark
9 October 2023 Pieter Maris, Iowa State University
No-Core Shell Model Calculations of the Structure of p-shell nuclei
Host: Yong Zhao
16 October 2023 Chloé Fougères, Argonne National Laboratory
Search for 22Na in Novae Supported by a Novel Method for Measuring Femtosecond Nuclear Lifetimes
Host: Jason Clark
23 October 2023 Linda Hlophe, Los Alamos National Laboratory (FRIB Theory Fellow)
Theoretical Description of Direct Nuclear Reactions in the FRIB Era
Host: Jason Clark
30 October 2023 No seminar
6 November 2023 Chiara Bissolotti, Argonne National Laboratory
The Beyond the Standard Model Physics with Future Colliders
Host: Sylvester Joosten
13 November 2023 Xiaoxuan Chu, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Searching for Gluon Saturation and STAR and EIC
Host: Maria Żurek
20 November 2023 Felix Ringer, Old Dominion University and Jefferson Lab
Toward Quantum Simulations for Nuclear Physics
Host: Sylvester Joosten
27 November 2023 No seminar
2023 Fall Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics
Hawaii, November 26-December 1, 2023
4 December 2023 Chien-Yeah Seng, University of Washington (FRIB Theory Fellow)
Vud, Vus, and Searches of Physics Beyond the Standard Model 
Host: Benjamin Kay
11 December 2023 No seminar, Physics Division Holiday Event
18 December 2023 No seminar, winter break
29 December 2023 No seminar, winter break
1 January 2024 No seminar, winter break
8 January 2024 No seminar
15 January 2024 No seminar, MLK holiday
22 January 2024

Ryan Roussel, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Fast 6-Dimensional Phase Reconstructions Using Generative Beam Distribution Models and Differentiable Beam Dynamics
Host: Brahim Mustapha

29 January 2024

No seminar
5 February 2024 Caroline Riedl University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Transverse-Momentum-Dependent Nucleon Structure with COMPASS
Host: Sylvester Joosten
12 February 2024 Christopher Wrede Michigan State University | FRIB
Nuclear Astrophysics with GADGET
Host: Jason A. Clark
19 February 2024 Yuri Shvyd’ko Argonne National Laboratory
Resonant X-Ray Excitation of the Nuclear Clock isomer 45Sc
Host: Peter Mueller
26 February 2024 No seminar
4 March 2024 Yang Sun, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Shell-Model Calculations for Highly-Excited States in Arbitrarily Heavy, Deformed Nuclei
Host: Filip Kondev
11 March 2024 no seminar
18 March 2024 Dimitra Pefkou, University of California Berkeley
Gravitational Form Factors of Hadrons From Lattice QCD
Host: Sylvester Joosten
25 March 2024 Daniel Hackett , Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Applications of Machine-Learned Flows to Lattice QCD
Host: Yong Zhao
1 April 2024 Anthony Grebe, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay from Lattice QCD
Host: Sangbaek Lee
8 April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse
15 April 2024 Shohini Bhattacharya, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Unraveling Quantum Anomalies in Generalized Parton Distributions
Host: Sylvester Joosten
22 April 2024 no seminar
29 April 2024 Phil Adsley, Texas A&M University
Host: Jason Clark
6 May 2024

Morten Hjorth-Jensen, University of Oslo NorwayFRIB Michigan State University
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Nuclear Physics
Host: Alessandro Lovato

13 May 2024 Regina Caputo, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Host: Sylvester Joosten
20 May 2024 Open
Host: Jason Clark
27 May 2024 No seminar, Memorial Day
3 June 2024 Kyle Lee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Host: Sangbaek Lee
4 June 2024 Mitch Allmond, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Host: Jason Clark
10 June 2024 Annika Lennarz, TRIUMF
Host: Jason Clark