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Physics Division

Student Lunch Talks

Schedule for the 2022-2023 season

The student lunches are typically held on the third Wednesday of each month at noon.
Summer mini-series over the next few weeks, then regular monthly talks. HELD IN THE 203 AUDITORIUM. NOTE, FIRST TALK IS ON A FRIDAY.
1 July 2022 (Friday)

Ben Kay, Probing the Atomic Nucleus at ATLAS

6 July 2022

Claus Müller-Gatermann, Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Lifetimes
Biying Liu, Mass Measurements for the r-Process using the Canadian Penning Trap

13 July 2022

Adrian Valverde, The N = 126 Factory
Heshani Jayatissa, Stellar Nucleosynthesis

20 July 2022

Bernhard Mass, Laser Spectroscopy with Radioactive Nuclei
Dan Burdette, Tests of Fundamental Symmetries

27 July 2022

Leslie Rogers, No Nus is Good News: From the Origin of Matter to the Rarest Radioactive Decay in the Universe
Chloé Fougères, Observations of Nuclei: From Stars to Ground Laboratories

End of summer miniseries (regular monthly meetings start in October)

19 October 2022

Sam Porter (University of Notre Dame), Precision Measurements of Superallowed Beta Decays of Mirror Nuclei

10 November 2022 (held on the 2nd Thursday this month)

Graeme Morgan, Decay Spectroscopy of 134Sb with the X-Array and SATURN at CARIBU

13 December 2022 (held on the 2nd Tuesday this month)

Sergio Lopez (Louisiana State University), Conversion Electron Spectroscopy with CARIBU Beams using the X-Array + SATURN + LACES