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Physics Division

Student Lunch Talks

Schedule for 2020

Over the summer of 2020, the Student Lunch mini-series will be held remotely via BlueJeans.
Summer mini-series over the next approximately 7 weeks, held remotely via BlueJeans. unless otherwise noted, Each week is a double bill with two 20-25-min talks.
17 June 2020

Ben Kay, Low Energy Nuclear Physics at ATLAS
Peter Mueller, Laser Spectroscopy

24 June 2020

John Greene, Accelerator Target Preparation
Matt Gott, Radiopharmacy and Isotope Production

1 July 2020

Adam Freese, QCD: The Colorful Theory of Quarks and Glue
Sylvester Joosten, Why is the Proton so Heavy?

8 July 2020

Melina Avila, Nuclear Astrophysics at ATLAS
Jason Clark, How do you Weigh a Nucleus, eh?

15 July 2020

Ben Blomberg, ATLAS in a Nutshell
Michael Carpenter, Using Gamma-Rays to Infer the Structure of Exotic Nuclei

22 July 2020

Trista Ng, TBA (12 mins)
Troy Petersen, TBA (12 mins)
Jose Martinez, TBA

29 July 2020

Jerry Nolan, Applying Physics to Killing Tumors
Amy Renne (Stevens Institute of Technology), Simulations of Electron and Ion Damage at the Cellular Level

End of summer mini-series
19 August 2020

Noemi Rocco, TBA