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Physics Division

Student Lunch Talks

Schedule for 2019

The Student Lunch Talks are held in Conference Room R-150 of Building 203. They are held (mostly) on the third Wednesday of each month at 12:00 noon, accompanied by pizza and soda.
20 March 2019

Melina Avila, Nuclear Physics for the Understanding of X-ray Bursts

24 April 2019

Adam Frese, Adventures on the Light Front

Summer mini-series over the next approximately 5 weeks
18 June 2019

Trista Ng, An Introduction to Superconducting Cavities
Donald Booth, An Introduction to Laser Cooling and Trapping

25 June 2019

Kevin Fossez, Toward an in-medium effective field theory for the nuclear shell model
Benjamin Kay, Low-Energy Nuclear Physics at ATLAS

2 July 2019

Colin Lauer, Lattice QCD and moments of parton distribution functions
Tenzin Rabga, Probing fundamental symmetries with tabletop experiments: search for the permanent EDM of Ra-225

9 July 2019

Ryan Tang, HELIOS and its scientific opportunity
Mathieu Ehrhart, Hadronization in cold nuclear matter

16 July 2019

Jin Wu, Beta-decay study at Argonne and its future prospects

23 July 2019

Martina Gerbino, Neutrino cosmology in a nutshell

29 July 2019

Leonard Gamberg, Quantum Phases in QCD
Jordan O’Kronley, Transporting ultracold atoms with adaptive optics

20 November 2019

Heshani Jayatissa, Alpha-capture reaction studies for s-process nucleosynthesis

18 December 2019