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Physics Division

Student Lunch Talks

Schedule for 2019

The Student Lunch Talks are held in Conference Room R-150 of Building 203. They are held (mostly) on the third Wednesday of each month at 12:00 noon, accompanied by pizza and soda.
20 March 2019

Melina Avila, Nuclear Physics for the Understanding of X-ray Bursts

24 April 2019

Adam Frese, Adventures on the Light Front

Summer mini-series over the next approximately 5 weeks
18 June 2019

Trista Ng, An Introduction to Superconducting Cavities
Donald Booth, An Introduction to Laser Cooling and Trapping

25 June 2019

Kevin Fossez, Toward an in-medium effective field theory for the nuclear shell model
Benjamin Kay, Low-Energy Nuclear Physics at ATLAS

2 July 2019

Colin Lauer, Lattice QCD and moments of parton distribution functions
Tenzin Rabga, Probing fundamental symmetries with tabletop experiments: search for the permanent EDM of Ra-225

9 July 2019

Ryan Tang, HELIOS and its scientific opportunity
Mathieu Ehrhart, Hadronization in cold nuclear matter

16 July 2019

Jin Wu, Beta-decay study at Argonne and its future prospects

23 July 2019

Martina Gerbino, Neutrino cosmology in a nutshell

29 July 2019

Leonard Gamberg, Quantum Phases in QCD
Jordan O’Kronley, Transporting ultracold atoms with adaptive optics

21 August 2019
18 September 2019
16 October 2019
20 November 2019
18 December 2019