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Argonne Gas-Filled Analyzer

AGFA is a state-of-the-art gas-filled separator at ATLAS, which can be used for studies of heavy and superheavy nuclei as well as to prepare exotic radioactive beams for mass measurements and laser spectroscopy.

AGFA was developed in a collaboration that includes the Argonne Physics Division, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, University of Massachusetts at Lowell, University of Maryland, University of Edinburgh, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Oregon State University.

Computer-aided design rendering of the magnets of the AGFA separator showing the single quadrupole (front) and the dipole/multipole main magnet (back) including coils in yellow.

This separator can be used for a wide range of studies including:

  • In conjunction with Gammasphere for in-beam and calorimetric studies of trans-fermium nuclei
  • In the stand-alone mode for studies of superheavy nuclei, isomers in heavy elements, and fast proton and alpha emitters along the proton drip-line, including heavy nuclei
  • Together with a gas catcher to prepare beams of exotic radioactive ions for mass measurements and laser spectroscopy of trapped atoms
  • To study, via deep-inelastic reactions, heavy neutron-rich nuclei that are important in the r-process


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