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Research Groups

Argonne’s Physics Division is organized into research groups which share knowledge and expertise to create a program of multidisciplinary nuclear physics research that makes full use of the division’s facilities. This program initiates collaborative projects that yield new insights into the core of matter.

Research Group

Accelerator Development

Our accelerator development group conducts a broad range of accelerator R&D to advance technologies for future DOE facilities and other applications.
Research Group

Low Energy Physics (LEP)

Low energy nuclear physics research concerns itself with understanding the structure and stability of the nuclei in the atoms that make up the world around us, as well as the reactions which formed them in the cosmos.
Research Group

Low Energy Technical Support

The Low Energy Technical Support group has many roles supporting the Low Energy Physics group, from routine maintenance and setup of experimental equipment to the design, engineering, and implementation of major projects both at ATLAS and elsewhere.
Research Group

Nuclear Data Program

The Nuclear Data research program includes a number of scientific activities carried out within the broad framework of the U.S. Nuclear Data Program (USNDP) Coordinated Work Plan.
Research Group


Theory research to understand the structure and dynamics of all types of matter in the visible universe.