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Physical Sciences and Engineering

Medium Energy Physics (MEP)

Probing the quark-gluon structure of matter, and probing for new physics beyond the Standard Model.

The Medium Energy Physics (MEP) group has a multifaceted program consisting of three main pillars: the study of hadronic matter in terms of fundamental particles and interactions, the emergence of nuclear structure, and a search for signatures of physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. The MEP group has a proven track record of leadership in conceiving and executing novel, high-impact nuclear physics experiments through the development and exploitation of cutting-edge technologies in line with the mission of DOE-NP.

Research Area

Hadronic Physics

The focus of Argonne’s hadron physics to understand how the strong force gives rise to the mass, spin and dynamic structure of protons and neutrons, which make up almost all visible matter in our universe.
Research Area

Quantum Chromodynamics in Nuclei

Understanding the nucleus in terms of their fundamental constituents in Quantum Chromodynamics: quarks and gluons, and the mechanisms and emergent properties of the strong interaction.
Research Area

The SoLID Experiment

The unprecedented combination of luminosity and acceptance, made possible with the SoLID apparatus in Hall A, will unlock access to physics processes that cannot be measured anywhere else.
Research Area

Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Argonne’s Physics Division conducts precision experiments aimed at testing the fundamental symmetries inherent in the basic laws of physics. In their core, these experiments search for signatures of phenomena that lie beyond the Standard Model of physics.

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