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  • Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics

    We focus on first-principles study of quantum chromodynamics to quantify the quark and gluon structures of hadrons and nuclei, which are probed at high-energy colliders.
  • Many-body Theory

    We study the properties of atomic nuclei and neutron-star matter starting from the interactions between the constituent protons and neutrons, as probed by experiments at ATLAS, FRIB, and other facilities worldwide.
  • Software

    Argonne’s Nuclear Science and Engineering Division researchers have developed a number of large-scale computer codes for scientific and engineering applications. These codes are validated and maintained for application in a variety of research programs.
  • Electricity Market Design

    Analyzing how different rules and regulations in the electricity market impact the short- and long-term performance.
  • Nuclear Power

    Assess the opportunities for zero-carbon nuclear power in decarbonized power systems of the future.
  • Carbon Capture

    Using a wholistic approach to tackle the challenge of carbon capture to fight climate change.