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  • Quantum Chromodynamics in Nuclei

    Understanding the nucleus in terms of their fundamental constituents in Quantum Chromodynamics: quarks and gluons, and the mechanisms and emergent properties of the strong interaction.
  • Static and Dynamic Order in Soft Matter

    From battery electrolytes to microscale robots” that can dynamically self-assemble, MSD soft matter science leads to better control of polymer functionality and to a deeper understanding of the nonequilibrium organization of soft matter.
  • Water: Sustainability

    This focus area’s projects employ life-cycle assessment, techno-economic analyses and risk analyses to ensure our nation’s water sustainability.
  • Water: Sensors and Control

    In this area, Argonne is developing affordable chemical and biological sensors that monitor water quality in polluted areas and control methods for water-related processes such as fouling of surfaces.
  • Water: Selective Separation

    This focus area involves developing functional groups, sorbents, membranes and catalysts for selective separation of various contaminants from water.