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  • Water: Sustainability

    This focus area’s projects employ life-cycle assessment, techno-economic analyses and risk analyses to ensure our nation’s water sustainability.
  • Water: Sensors and Control

    In this area, Argonne is developing affordable chemical and biological sensors that monitor water quality in polluted areas and control methods for water-related processes such as fouling of surfaces.
  • Water: Selective Separation

    This focus area involves developing functional groups, sorbents, membranes and catalysts for selective separation of various contaminants from water.
  • Water: Materials

    Argonne’s water-related materials projects focus on developing and characterizing various materials such as membranes, sorbents and catalysts relevant to water monitoring, treatment, conveyance and reuse, and water-enabled energy production.
  • Water: Manufacturing

    This focus area concerns the scaleup of materials manufacturing and processing, including data-enabled cyber-manufacturing.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Argonne’s Computational Science Division develops state-of-the-art software codes to simulate flows ranging from low subsonic to hypersonic on massively parallel computing platforms.
  • Printed Electronic Devices

    Printed electronic devices (PED) hold significant promise for being able to meet the demand for devices that are smaller, smarter, cheaper, more flexible, in-situ, and require less power.
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  • Quantum Sensing

    In this area, Argonne is harnessing various quantum mechanical features to perform highly sensitive measurements. Potential applications include imaging brain function, searching for gravitational waves, and hunting for dark matter.