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Nuclear Data Program

The Nuclear Data research program includes a number of scientific activities carried out within the broad framework of the U.S. Nuclear Data Program (USNDP) Coordinated Work Plan.

The main emphasis of Nuclear Data Research is on nuclear structure and decay data, and their applications in nuclear physics research, and in applied nuclear technologies. Compiled and evaluated data are made available to the National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC) for inclusion into the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF) database or the results are published directly in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Contributions are also made to various specialized databases that serve specific needs in the fields of nuclear structure, nuclear astrophysics and applied nuclear physics. This effort includes evaluations of atomic masses and complementary nuclear structure data for the Atomic Mass Evaluation (AME) and NUBASE databases, and compilations of recently published nuclear structure data for the Unevaluated Nuclear Data List (XUNDL) database. Measurements aimed at providing answers to specific questions and at improving the quality of existing databases in specific areas are also carried out.

What we do:

  • compile and evaluate nuclear structure data for the ENSDF and XUNDL databases
  • compile and evaluate atomic masses and related nuclear structure and decay data for the AME and NUBASE databases
  • participate in experimental activities at ATLAS and CARIBU (ANL), as well as at other national and international nuclear physics facilities, with emphasis on nuclear structure physics and nuclear astrophysics and their intersections with applied nuclear physics programs
  • contribute to IAEA-led collaborative projects aimed at improving nuclear data for medical isotopes and other energy and non-energy applications for which gaps exist in the present databases

Funding provided by:Office of Nuclear Physics, Office of Science, U.S. DOE