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  • Advanced Photon Source Upgrade

    An extensive upgrade will be able to generate X-rays that are up to 500 times brighter and enable science we cannot yet imagine. 
  • Activated Materials Laboratory

    AML will assist the nuclear community in examining radioactive samples at the High-Energy X-ray Microscope (HEXM) and other beamlines at the Advanced Photon Source.
    Argonne researchers are using the laboratory’s Advanced Photon Source to discover the structure of viral proteins using X-ray crystallography. (Image by Argonne National Laboratory.)
  • Bioanalysis Laboratory

    The Bioanalysis Laboratory works with a team of scientist to address national security concerns including the detection and characterization of biological agents.
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  • IAEA Training Center

    The IAEA Training Center provides education, expertise, and training for countries in their efforts to use nuclear science and technology in achieving their development objectives.
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  • Detector Test Facility

    The Detector Test Facility is a premier radiological and nuclear detection equipment testing and analysis facility that serves national security programs and the wider scientific community.
    SSS-Detection Test Facility
  • Secure Cyber Testbed

    Scalable Emulated Cyber Range Environment (SECuRE) is a cyber-physical testbed that seeks to provide industry, academia, and government institutions the ability to develop and test new, proactive risk-mitigation strategies.
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