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Detector Test Facility

The Detector Test Facility is a premier radiological and nuclear detection equipment testing and analysis facility that serves national security programs and the wider scientific community.

The Strategic Security Sciences Division (S3) established the Detector Test Facility (DTF) as a premier radiological and nuclear detector testing facility for national security programs. The DTF was constructed within the former New Brunswick Laboratory and consists of a unique 10,000 sq ft space with a 5,000 sq ft hi-bay, a conference room, test team rooms, offices, and vaults for material storage. A 100 ft long Linear Motion System (LMS) was constructed for the DTF to accommodate various types of dynamic radiological/nuclear detector tests and a static testing area was established. The LMS and static testing areas provide the capability to host both dynamic and static performance testing for all types of detection equipment.

In addition, S3 Division has the Radiation Detection Systems Laboratory (RDSL) to accommodate detector calibration activities, technology development, and detector response data analysis. The RDSL consists of two hi-bays, a center meeting room with conference table and work benches, and a material balance area.

The DTF and RDSL are the cornerstone of the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Detection and Analysis Center (DAC) currently under development. The DTF testing hub” will accommodate the expansion of the facility to accommodate chemical and biological detector testing and nuclear treaty verification equipment assessment and testing. Two BSL-2 Laboratories, an aerosol chamber, and a clean room will be added to accommodate new testing programs. An additional hi-bay will be added to the DAC for nuclear treaty verification equipment assessments and testing.