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Argonne National Laboratory

Advanced Photon Source Upgrade


A massive upgrade will be able to generate X-rays that are up to 500 times brighter and enable science we cannot yet imagine. 

The future of the Advanced Photon Source (APS), a Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science User Facility at Argonne National Laboratory, is about to get a lot brighter.

The APS is already a powerful scientific facility, and the ultrabright X-rays it generates are used by more than 5,500 scientists each year to create stronger materials, build more efficient batteries and help develop vaccines and treatments for infectious diseases. A comprehensive upgrade to the facility’s electron storage ring, scheduled to begin in April 2023, will increase the brightness of those X-rays by up to 500 times and will enable new discoveries and innovations we cannot yet imagine. New beamlines and enhancements will further expand the capabilities of the APS, and keep it at the forefront of global X-ray science.

The Advanced Photon Source Upgrade (APS-U) will keep the APS at the forefront of global X-ray science, equipping scientists with a vastly more powerful tool for improving nearly every aspect of our lives.

A project of this scope is an extraordinary endeavor, but like all similar projects, it is being designed, built, tested and installed by people. This series of profiles focuses on the people behind the APS Upgrade. This project has dozens of human faces, and it’s the goal of this series to showcase the people who make up the APS Upgrade team and their roles in the larger effort. #TeamWorkMakesTheBeamWork 

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Images of the APS Upgrade

Below are images of portions of the APS Upgrade project in progress.