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Sustainability Program

Bikeshare Program

Providing active and healthy transportation options

Argonne’s Bikeshare program provides a fun and eco-friendly option to travel around the laboratory site.  It improves local air quality, reduces fuel use, and promotes wellness in the workplace.

Our program includes 120 bicycles located at more than 40 locations throughout Argonne’s campus. Bikes are available from early spring until early autumn, weather permitting.

Walk. Run. Explore! Campus Map

Who Can Participate?

Our Bikeshare Program is open to all Argonne and U.S. Department of Energy employees. We also encourage non-employee students, subcontractor employees and long-term visitors (such as scientific users) to use the program.

How Do I Sign Up?

In our commitment to safety, all Bikeshare users must complete an on-line safety training and must wear a helmet when riding bicycles on campus. On-line training, ESH561 Bicycle Safety, is accessible from any computer connected to the Argonne network. After completing the training, users can pick-up an Argonne-issued Bikeshare helmet at the Guest House, Building 460 at any time.

Non-employees are also required sign and submit the required liability waiver (ANL-877.

What are rules?

The Bikeshare Program provides free bicycles for use all over the laboratory but they must stay within the site boundary. Personal bikes can be used for adventures into the forest preserve and nearby communities. Other guidelines include:

  • All bicyclists are required to wear helmets on Argonne property.
  • Follow the Illinois Rules of the Road.
  • Do not ride on sidewalks or gravel paths.
  • Ride only during daylight hours.
  • Park bikes in racks.
  • Do not leave bikes near doorways or on sidewalks.
  • Bikes must remain outdoors and on site at all times.

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Tricycles join bikeshare program during 10th season of riding

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