Argonne National Laboratory


As a U.S. Department of Energy-funded research center and user facility, the Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM) is committed to pursuing discovery science that addresses key challenges and leads to breakthroughs related to energy, information, materials and the environment.

Research at the CNM is consolidated under three crosscutting and interdependent scientific themes. Collectively, they aim at the discovery and integration of materials across different length scales at the extremes of temporal, spatial and energy resolutions.

Hierarchical Synthesis for Energy, Information, and Functionality

This theme aims to achieve energy efficiency and energy transduction in systems that employ hierarchical synthesis and materials design at the nanoscale. It combines synthesis, nanofabrication and theory across different scales with a focus on both self-assembly and top-down approaches.

Manipulating Nanoscale Interactions

The goal of this theme is to build on our understanding of nanoscale phenomena to actively control and manipulate quantum states as well as atomic and nanoscale interactions, including a focus on dissipation engineering.

Quantum Materials and Phenomena

The goal of this theme is to combine CNM’s expertise in synthesis, fabrication, characterization and theory on nanometer length scales to discover new materials and fundamental mechanisms for quantum sensing and imaging, as well as discoveries of novel quantum phenomena in confined structures.