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Argonne National Laboratory

Access Your Files on Box

Access your files stored on Box, without the need for VPN.

Box is Argonne’s secure cloud-based file storage system that provides an easy way to organize, edit, share, and collaborate on files anywhere, on any device, without the need for VPN.

Box provides document workflow tools, including task assignments and tracking. Box basic functionality can be enhanced with optional apps. It can be used on many operating systems and devices, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones.


  • All full- or part-time regular employees are eligible for Box accounts.
  • Argonne STAs, contractors, and students may be issued Box accounts upon request of their division management.
  • Facility users, outside collaborators, and other non-Argonne employees are not eligible for Argonne-issued Box accounts. They may obtain their own accounts (free or paid) to collaborate with Argonne employees.
  • Please contact the CIS Service Desk to request an account -- do not create your own account.


  • Access files anywhere on any device (requires Internet access), without VPN
  • Total storage allocation of 1.5 TB per account
  • Maximum individual file size of 5 Gb
  • Online collaboration (task assignment and followup, comments, tags)
  • Folder and file sharing with locking capability
  • Online content preview and option to download PDF for many common file types
  • Version history for all files so you know which is the latest version and who made changes
  • Real-time collaborative editing via Box Notes
  • Full data encryption plus data center backups and redundancy
  • Approved for OUO, UCNI, export-controlled, proprietary (NDA) information