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A Privacy-Preserving Distributed Control of Optimal Power Flow


Ryu, Minseok; Kim, Kibaek


We consider a distributed optimal power flow formulated as an optimization problem that maximizes a nondifferentiable concave function. Solving such a problem by the existing distributed algorithms can lead to data privacy issues because the solution information exchanged within the algorithms can be utilized by an adversary to infer the data. To preserve data privacy, in this paper we propose a differentially private projected subgradient (DP-PS) algorithm that includes a solution encryption step. We show that a sequence generated by DP-PS converges in expectation, in probability, and with probability 1. Moreover, we show that the rate of convergence in expectation is affected by a target privacy level of DP-PS chosen by the user. We conduct numerical experiments that demonstrate the convergence and data privacy preservation of DP-PS.