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A scalable space-time domain decomposition approach for solving large-scale nonlinear regularized inverse ill-posed problems in 4D variational data assimilation


Damore, Luisa; Constantinescu, Emil; Carracciuolo, Luisa


We address the development of innovative algorithms designed to solve the strong-constraint Four Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation (4DVar DA) problems in large scale applications. We present a space-time decomposition approach which employs the whole domain decomposition, i.e. both along the spacial and temporal direction in the overlapping case, and the partitioning of both the solution and the operator. Starting from the global functional defined on the entire domain, we get to a sort of regularized local functionals on the set of sub domains providing the order reduction of both the predictive and the Data Assimilation models. The algorithm convergence is developed. Performance in terms of reduction of time complexity and algorithmic scalability is discussed on the Shallow Water Equations on the sphere. The number of state variables in the model, the number of observations in an assimilation cycle, as well as numerical parameters as the discretization step in time and in space domain are defined on the basis of discretization grid used by data available at repository Ocean Synthesis/Reanalysis Directory of Hamburg University.