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Pyroprocess and Waste Form Development

Our pioneering pyrochemical processes recycle used nuclear fuel into new fuel and durable waste forms. Advanced molten salt technologies support advanced reactor designs and safety analyses.

Who we are

Our team of scientists and engineers specialize in fuel cycle process development, nuclear chemical engineering, molten salt-based technologies and electrochemistry, and performance testing and modeling of advanced materials.

What we do

We focus on innovative, commercially viable electrochemical processes for the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle. We can efficiently recover actinides to recycle into fresh fuel, immobilize waste in durable waste forms, and model the long-term performance of waste forms in possible disposal facilities. We recently designed highly scalable uranium electrorefining and electrolytic oxide reduction systems that incorporate advanced electroanalytical techniques for process control and use in safeguards systems. We develop methods for measuring salt properties necessary to reactor design and safety analyses, and material corrosion behaviors in aqueous, salt, geologic, and biological environments necessary for material development and performance assessment.