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Back to the Future: 75 Years at the Forefront of Peaceful Nuclear Energy

Argonne Outloud Public Lecture

Argonne National Laboratory invites you to participate in the next installment of the OutLoud Lecture Series entitled Back to the Future: 75 Years at the Forefront of Peaceful Nuclear Energy.”

Argonne was founded 75 years ago with the mission to develop peaceful uses for nuclear energy. Since then, Argonne has grown into a multidisciplinary national science research institution whose world-class community of scientists tackle pressing challenges in energy, health and medicine, science, and national security. However, our original mission remains a scientific priority.

John Stevens, a nuclear reactor physicist, and Laura Jamison, a materials scientist and nuclear engineer, are at the forefront of an international program that works to reduce the risk of nuclear proliferation. Their efforts are to develop advanced, safe nuclear reactor fuels and to perform reactor conversion that applies those fuels to improve national and global security.

Join these friends and colleagues for a conversation 75 years in the making as they talk about the fascinating research they’re doing with partners around the globe to advance nuclear science in a peaceful way.

  • Paul Kearns
    Argonne National Laboratory Director
  • Mark Williamson, Moderator
    Division Director
    Chemical and Fuel Cycle Technologies Division
  • John Stevens
    Program Manager, Reactor Material Management
    Senior Nuclear Engineer
    Nuclear Science and Engineering Division
  • Laura Jamison
    Principal Nuclear Engineer
    Chemical and Fuel Cycle Technologies Division

If you have questions about the OutLoud Lecture Series, please contact us at outloud@​anl.​gov.