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Special Seminar | Office of the Director

See Bias, Block Bias: A Case Study

Director’s Special Seminar

Abstract: Implicit bias is a well-documented phenomenon that affects the key people processes” supporting organizations’ operations, culture and leadership. When bias surfaces in managerial functions like recruitment, hiring and performance evaluation, it can impede effective decision-making. The result? Organizations can unintentionally turn away, overlook or lose talent.

Research suggests that we can learn to identify how bias can present itself in managerial decisions and prevent that bias from creating errors in our decisions about people. This talk will provide an overview of the research on how biases emerge and describe the consequences — to women, under-represented minorities and other diverse employees.

Simard and Chiames will discuss specific strategies for minimizing the effects of biases on decision-making in an organizational context using SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory as a case study on diagnosing and blocking bias. Participants will leave the session with research-based tools that are applicable across various dimensions of diversity.

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