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Human Resources

Laboratory Director’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Statement

Argonne National Laboratory Director Paul Kearns

As the nation’s first national laboratory, Argonne continues to be a pioneer in unlocking new science and technological frontiers. Having grown out of the Manhattan Project, Argonne is rooted in advancing the security and prosperity of our nation. Today, as one of 17 U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratories, we continue to build upon that legacy by convening and developing the world’s leading minds to address challenging problems.

Our future success depends on our ability to recruit and retain a diverse workforce. Bringing together people whose cultural and intellectual backgrounds equip them to look at a problem from different viewpoints is key to collaboration and innovation.

To build and support a diverse, world-class community of talent, we are committed to creating and sustaining a safe, welcoming, diverse, and inclusive environment. As such, diversity at Argonne takes many forms. It includes and is not limited to age, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, national origin, religion, and veteran status. It is also important to recognize other forms of diversity such as research discipline, level of education, and academic affiliations.

Our Core Values of Impact, Safety, Integrity, Respect, and Teamwork provide a foundation for our community. When we make conscious choices to build on that foundation, we create an inclusive culture. We build and foster our workplace community by engaging both leadership and staff in developing our diversity and inclusion goals; enlisting the participation of all employees to create a better work environment; educating our workforce on ways to promote inclusive behaviors, as well as how to understand and reduce implicit bias and exclusionary behaviors; and by empowering employees through shared accountability for diversity and inclusion efforts.

A diverse workforce, with a variety of perspectives and experiences, working in an inclusive environment where all voices are heard and contributions are valued, will unlock new scientific and technological frontiers to positively impact our community, nation and world.