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Materials Science Division

Quantum Mesoscopic Materials

Our current research focuses on materials where quantum interference and quantum fluctuations directly control their thermodynamics and statistics.

Examples include materials whose properties are governed by the interplay between quantum correlations and fluctuations, long-range interactions, and disorder. The main objects of this research are materials that exhibit effects of coherence on the meso- and macro-scales and mediate entanglement phenomena. Materials include strongly disordered superconducting films that exhibit a novel low-temperature superinsulating phase and nano-patterned superconducting films and strips that exhibit novel re-entrant superconductivity at high magnetic fields. Theoretical endeavors include investigation of the vortex dynamic Mott transition, and developing a general description of nonequilibrium phase transitions based on non-Hermitian quantum mechanics.

Three-dimensional image of the dynamic resistance of the vortex system in a square proximity array as a function of the driving current (horizontal axis) and the applied magnetic field (axis receding into the distance). [Science 349, 6253 (2015)]