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Performance Engineering

Argonne maintains a wide-ranging science and technology portfolio that seeks to address complex challenges in interdisciplinary and innovative ways. Below is a list of all articles, highlights, profiles, projects, and organizations related specifically to performance engineering.

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  • Argonne-led team wins technology challenge at SC19

    An extensive collaboration led by Argonne recently won the Inaugural SCinet Technology Challenge at the Supercomputing 19 conference by demonstrating real-time analysis of light source data from Argonne’s APS to the ALCF.
    An Argonne-led collaboration won the first SCinet Technology Challenge at SC19 in November, for their work on real-time streaming data analysis. Argonne team members Ian Foster, Zhengchun Liu, Tekin Bicer and Michael E. Papka share some time with the award. (Image by Zhengchun Liu / Argonne National Laboratory.)
  • Christopher J. Knight

    Christopher’s interests include development of large-scale molecular simulation algorithms and understanding scientific application performance on future computational resources.
  • Timothy J. Williams

    Tim specializes in using large-scale supercomputers for computational science.
  • James C. Osborn

    James specializes in quantum field theory and lattice simulation methods, with an emphasis on lattice QCD.  He also has interests in quantum computing, HPC, sparse linear algebra, applying ML methods to Hybrid Monte Carlo, and random matrix theory.
  • Valerie E. Taylor

    Valerie Taylor is the director of the Mathematics and Computer Science Division. Her research focuses on performance analysis and modeling of parallel, scientific applications.