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Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne OutLoud: How Advanced Reactors Will Change Nuclear Power and the World

Advanced nuclear reactors offer advantages that can address environmental, fuel availability, and used-fuel storage issues. But just what are these advanced reactors?

Global energy demand is expected to grow nearly 50 percent by 2040, with most of that from fossil fuels. Yet nuclear energy is still the only carbon-free power that can satisfy our electricity-hungry world at the scales that most towns and factories need. New advanced reactors, such as fast reactors, offer other advantages that can also address environmental, fuel availability, and used-fuel storage issues. But just what are these advanced reactors?

May 11, 2017 – Argonne engineers Francesco Ganda and Bo Feng explain how these power plant marvels work and what role Argonne has in their design and development.

Our Speakers:
Francesco Ganda, Nuclear Engineer, Nuclear Engineering Division, Argonne National Laboratory
Bo Feng, Nuclear Engineer, Nuclear Engineering Division, Argonne National Laboratory