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Bo Feng

Group Manager, Reactor & Fuel Cycle Analysis


Bo Feng manages the Reactor and Fuel Cycle Analysis group within the Nuclear Science and Engineering Division and serves as the National Technical Director for DOE-NE’s Fast Reactor R&D Program, a role that oversees a multi-laboratory R&D portfolio that includes fast reactor technology development and testing, methods validation and database development, and advanced material qualification activities. Throughout his career, his research has focused primarily on reactor physics analysis, advanced reactor core design, radiation transport, and fuel cycle systems modeling. Bo has received several laboratory and national level awards for his research including Secretary of Energy’s Honor Award (2020), Argonne Director’s Award (2016), DOE’s Fuel Cycle R&D Excellence Award (2014), and ANS Thermal Hydraulic Division’s Best Paper Award (2009). 


  • Ph.D. Nuclear Science and Engineering, MIT, 2011
  • S.M. Nuclear Science and Engineering, MIT, 2008
  • S.B. Nuclear Science and Engineering, MIT, 2008

Selected Journal Publications

  1. R. Ponciroli, N.E. Stauff, Z. Mei, P.C. Shriwise, L.M. Brockmeyer, Y. Cao, B. Feng, and P.K. Romano, ​“Integration of a Wigner Effect-based Energy Storage System with an Advanced Nuclear Reactor,” Nuclear Engineering and Design385 (2021).
  1. Scott Richards and Bo Feng, ​“Application of Sensitivity Analysis in DYMOND/Dakota to Fuel Cycle Transition Scenarios,” submitted to EPJN Nuclear Sciences and Technologies (2021).
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  1. Feng, B., A. Karahan, and M.S. Kazimi, ​“Steady-State Fuel Behavior Modeling of Nitride Fuels in FRAPCON-EP,” Journal of Nuclear Materials427, 30-38 (2012).
  1. Feng, B., E. Shwageraus, B. Forget, and M.S. Kazimi, ​“Light Water Breeding with Nitride Fuel,” Progress in Nuclear Energy53, issue 7, 862-866 (2011).

Selected Conference Publications

  1. T. Hua, M. Stempniewicz, T. Fei, F. Roelofs, B. Feng, and R. Hu, ​“Benchmarking MSRE Transient Tests Using SPECTRA and SAM,” Submitted to 19th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-19), Brussels, Belgium (2022).
  1. Jun Fang, Bo Feng, and Dillon R. Shaver, ​“CFD Simulations of Molten Salt Fast Reactor Core Flow,” Submitted to 19th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-19), Brussels, Belgium (2022).
  1. B. Feng, T. Fei, D. Shaver, Y. Jung, J. Fang, R. Rahaman, C. Lee, M. Smith, and E. Shemon, ​“Multiphysics Modeling of Precursors in Molten Salt Fast Reactors using PROTEUS and Nek5000,” PHYSOR 2020, Cambridge, UK, March 29 – April 2 (2020).
  1. T. Fei, T. Hua, B. Feng, F. Heidet, and R. Hu, ​“MSRE Transient Benchmarks using SAM,” PHYSOR 2020, Cambridge, UK, March 29 – April 2 (2020).
  1. E. Hoffman, B. Feng, B. Betzler, E. Davidson, and A. Worrall, ​“Technology Characteristics of Transitions to Solid-Fueled and Molten-Salt Fast Reactor Fleets,” GLOBAL 2019, Seattle, WA, September 22-26 (2019).
  1. B. Feng, F. Heidet, E. Hoffman, T.K. Kim, and T. Taiwo, ​“Core and Fuel Cycle Performance of a Molten Salt Fast Reactor,” ICAPP 2019, Juan les Pins, France, May 12-15 (2019).
  1. Feng, B., F. Heidet, E. Hoffman, and T.K. Kim, ​“Core Design and Simulation of a Fast Spectrum Chloride Molten Salt Reactor,” 15IEMPT, Manchester, UK, September 30 – October 3 (2018).
  1. Taiwo, T., B. Feng, E. Hoffman, T.K. Kim, and B. Dixon, ​“Lessons Learned from Recent Nuclear Fuel Cycle Scenario Studies,” 15IEMPT, Manchester, UK, September 30 – October 3 (2018).
  1. Edward A. Hoffman, Bo Feng, Ben Betzler, Eva Davidson, and Andy Worrall, ​“Impact of Technology Characteristics on Transition to a Fast Reactor Fleet,” 15IEMPT, Manchester, UK, September 30 – October 3 (2018).
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  1. Jaeger W., V. H. Sánchez Espinoza, Bo Feng, ​“Analysis of an XADS Target with the System Code TRACE,” IYNC 2008, Paper No. 185, Interlaken, Switzerland, September (2008).Image removed.