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Energy Systems and Infrastructure Analysis

Charging Hub Economic and Costing Tool

CHECT is for property owners, private companies, or utilities considering the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs.

CHECT enables users to estimate charging costs ($/kWh) at potential charging hubs for various electric vehicle (EV) charging-hub scenarios. CHECT considers various charging technologies and ownership models and local utility rates. Users can develop their own scenarios. Although the model provides defaults for ease of use, it allows the use of custom inputs. CHECT performs sensitivity analyses and is location (state) specific. It facilitates informed decision-making about owning and operating EV charging infrastructure.

CHECT includes:

  • Location: 50 states and utilities
  • Rate type: commercial or residential
    • Electricity rate: flat, time of use, and EV
  • Number of chargers
  • Charging technologies
    • Level 1, Level 2, and DCFC
  • Charging schedule
  • Ownership models
    • Residential, utility, and private company
  • Venues
    • Multi-unit dwellings and public

Download CHECT

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