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Featured Event | Argonne National Laboratory

2023 Argonne Open House

Argonne National Laboratory, located just 25 miles west of Chicago, is one of the world’s leading scientific research laboratories. And for one day only, it’s open to the public. At Argonne’s Open House you can spend the day thinking and acting like a scientist and discover how science helps answer the biggest questions facing humanity. Registration is required for this free event.

Participate in a wide-variety of engaging, hands-on, science-focused activities. Explore the lab’s campus in specially designed tours that offer a rare sneak peek into our world-class scientific facilities. And engage with the science that is shaping our future.

Meet accomplished scientists and learn how they are developing batteries that will power the next generation of electric vehicles, discovering new ways to stop future pandemics like COVID-19, detecting new particles, and designing clean energy solutions that protect our planet from climate change.

Experience a full day of activities celebrating four major areas in which Argonne makes a difference in your life: saving our planet, improving public and personal health, understanding our universe, and creating new science tools.