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Batteries: A Hidden Key to Climate Solutions

Argonne Outloud Public Lecture

Argonne National Laboratory invites you to attend the next installment of the OutLoud Lecture Series, which is being held as a hybrid event.

When Hurricane Ian recently hit Florida’s southwestern coastline, many residents lost power, but one town did not. The community of Babcock Ranch maintained power through the storm, in part, because it is 100% solar powered supported by batteries. These batteries store electricity for later use so power is continuously supplied, even during inclement weather events and power outages. The town provides a powerful example of the role battery innovation can play in powering clean energy and mitigating climate change hazards.

As a vital energy storage tool, batteries have an ever-increasing role in the global effort to tackle impacts of climate change. Argonne National Laboratory advances this work with its comprehensive battery research program.

Join us for a conversation with three members of Argonne’s world class community of scientists who lead our battery research centers. They will discuss their team’s work:

  • Developing next-generation batteries that have a longer life, are more compact and higher-powered, and recharge faster
  • Partnering with industry to bring battery solutions and innovations to the marketplace
  • Designing innovative recycling technologies to make battery recycling more cost effective and future batteries more affordable.

Efforts are underway to prepare for new climate conditions, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, integrate renewable energy into the nation’s electric grid, and support the effort to build climate resilient communities. Argonne’s multidisciplinary battery research team is developing energy storage tools to meet these challenges.

Special Guests

George Crabtree
Director, Joint Center for Energy Storage Research

Venkat Srinivasan
Director, Argonne Collaborative Center for Energy Storage Science

Jessica Durham Macholz
Materials Scientist, ReCell Center

Susan Babinec, Moderator
Program Lead, Stationary Storage